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How to add your Business to Yoys B2B Network

How to add your Business to Yoys B2B Network

Help customers and contractors find you and manage your business information on Yoys Global B2B Network for free. We will guide you for every step in order to improve your business's online presence localy and in 55 countries.

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Get started with Yoys B2B Network

Get started with Yoys B2B Network

Yoys is a global B2B Network for business owners where they showcase their companies, products and offers to the world to attract more contractors and customers

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How do I manage products for my Business listing?

How do I manage products for my Business listing?

Get more customer contacts. With products, you increase your online reach and get found more frequently.

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What's new on Yoys

Best Office Space Today

Best Office Space Today

New study reveals WeWork helps individuals and businesses thrive, energizes neighborhoods, and accelerates economic growth in…

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Wildfire Detection System

Wildfire Detection System

New generation of wildfire detection system InsightFD 3 is the leading dual solution, equipped with EO/IR sensors and AI assi…

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A clean connection: New Stainless Steel screws and nuts in Hygienic Design

A clean connection: New Stainless Steel screws and nuts in Hygienic Design

The standard parts specialist Elesa+Ganter is expanding its hygienic design product family with new screws and nuts of non-…

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